Finance and Costing for Engineers

Mechanical Engg. Department conducted a certificate course on “Finance and Costing for Engineers” under department ++ activity. The course was designed to provide insights and knowledge of an organization from financial perspective for engineering students. This is an introductory course to understand the importance of finance in industry. The course started from 15th Feb 2017 for which there is a good response from all branches of MIT and industry. Total 31 students have registered for the course out of which 6 from other branches of MIT.

Course Highlights:

  1. Product costing, Breakeven Analysis and Cost Reduction and Cost Control techniques.
  2. Reading financial statements such as Balance sheet and Income Statement. • Concepts such as Working capital and Capital Structure of a company.
  3. Course Duration: 20 hours (Conducted in period of 15th Feb 2017 to 30th March 2017)
  4. Course Fees 1200/-
  5. Resource Person Dr. Rashmi Paranjpye (PhD Finance)
  6. Coordinators (1.) Prof. Dr. S.T. Chavan (2.) Prof. A.H.Pawar

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Application Building Using IoT

An Add-on course on “Application building using Internet of Things” has been organized by Computer Engineering Department in association with Fizzible solutions pvt. ltd. The total duration of the course was 24 hours. The perspective of this course was to understand principle concepts, major issues, technologies and basic approaches in the area of IoT. Students have enthusiastically participated and completed one IoT based mini-project during the course.

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Trekking activity of Rajmachi Fort

As a part of plus plus activity, to deliver real life experience to students about trekking, on 11th Feb 2017 at 07.00 am trek was organized Mechanical Engineering Department. Students of SE, TE & BE Mechanical & Mechanical S/W have participated for trekking activity. The group of 33 students were led by Prof. D.P. Hujare, Prof. Ashish Pawar & Prof. Omkar Kaulgud along with Mrs. Sulbha Wale, Mr. D. D. Borkar and Akshay Patil as supporting Non-teaching Staff Members. The group reached Udhewadi ( Near Lonavala) at the base of Rajmachi Fort at 10.30 am and Trekking completed at 1.30 pm. The event concluded by Lunch provided at Udhewadi. Students showed remarkable team work and enthusiasm. The Group has reached back to college campus at 6:00 p.m.

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Workshop on ‘Fundamentals of IoT and WSN based System

Department of Information Technology, organized a workshop on “Fundamentals of IoT and WSN based System”. This workshop offers an overview of iCONSe-T an IoT Training System which is designed to teach fundamentals of wireless sensor network and connected devices (IoT) concepts. It extends the sensor network to IoT concept thereby giving a clear picture about the technology trend. This workshop will cover following topics: • Walking through the iCONSe-T IoT Training System • Understanding Wireless Sensor Network • IP based networking (IPV6/6LoWPAN) • Project Platform (Suggested topics to user)

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IT-Alumni Meet 2017

The Department of IT had an Alumni meet on 28th January 2017, “IT-Alumni Meet 2017”, MIT. The meet was attended by few alumni ranging across various batches. All Alumni’s were very happy as the alumni could meet their friends, teachers and share their experience with them. Teachers and students interacted and revised their old memories. The program continued for about 2 hours after which the Alumni’s enjoyed good food.

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FDP on Security and its Multiple Aspects

The Department of Computer Engineering organized a  five days  Faculty Development Program (FDP) on “Security and its Multiple Aspects”, technically sponsored by IBM, TRDDC and ISACA. It has been an innovative approach at bridging the gap between Academia and Industry by collaborating with Industry giants and inviting some of  their experts as Resource Persons to deliver state-of-the-art sessions on the multiple aspects of Security viz Information Security, Web Security, Cloud Security, Critical Infrastructure Security, IoT Security, Mobile Security and Cyber Security.

An important highlight of this program was an exclusive session of Panel Discussion, wherein some of the top notch Industry Experts participated in a highly interactive session with the participants. In line with our theme, we invited three eminent guests for the Panel Discussion – Mr. Shashikant Satbhai ( Expertise in Information Security and Freelancer with ISACA Pune), Mr. Mahesh Paradkar (Expertise in Cloud Security, Senior Development Manager IBM Pune), Advocate Vaibhav Salunkhe (Advocate & Cyber Law Consultant). It was a lively learning experience for participants as their different queries were being answered by the concerned expert.

All sessions were well-received by the participants. Sessions by Dr. Sachin Lodha (Principal Scientist, TCS Innovation Labs Pune, TRDDC), Mr. Mahesh Paradkar (Sr. Development Manager, IBM Security Systems, IBM India Software Labs – Pune), Dr. Sandeep Shukla (Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, I.I.T. Kanpur), Mr. Hemant Dusane & Mr. Vijay Bhalerao (Cyber Security & Information Security Consultants respectively at ISACA Pune ), Mr. Sunil Pawar (Senior Police Inspector, Cyber Crime Cell Pune) need a special mention.

A wonderful blend of major security aspects, this FDP promised an all-round, fulfilling learning experience for its participants.





One day seminar on “Current Trends in Computer Science Research”

One day seminar on “Current Trends in Computer Science Research” has been organised on Monday,2nd Jan 2017 in Computer Dept., MIT, Pune. This seminar was organised by Computer Society Of India(CSI) and Advanced Computer Machinary (ACM) Pune Chapter in association with MIT-CSI student chapter. The keynote speech was given by Dr. Anand Deshpande, CMD, PSL, Pune and the invited talk was given by Dr. Abhijat Vichare, PSL, Pune. One of the sessions was on presentations of recently completed PhD faculties from different colleges. Which was very informative where they shared their experiences. Last session was panel discussion on Current Trends in Computer Science Research.the panel members were Dr.Venkateswaran, PSL, Pune, DR.Sachin Lodha, TCS, Pune, Dr.Arti Dixit, SPPU, Pune and Dr.Vrushali Kulkarni, MIT, Pune. The panel discussion has given an insight to move ahead in proper direction for pursuing research. Total more than 100 participants were there to attend the event. Overall the seminar was successful.

Syllabus Implementation Workshop on “Advanced Data Structure” (2015 Course)

Department of Computer Engineering, MIT, Pune , in association with BOS Computer Engineering , SPPU organized One day Syllabus Implementation Workshop on “Advanced Data Structures” (2015 course) on 15th December,2016. This Syllabus Implementation Workshop has been organized to guide the faculty members from various institutes about Practical assignments in Advanced Data Structures in perspective of the revised syllabus of SE Computer Engineering 2015 course for the effective conduction of this course. The Syllabus Implementation Workshop focused on the overview of theory as well as the newly added Practical assignments of Advanced Data Structures as per the revised syllabus.





Software Training on Edhitch: A Blended Learning System

Department of Information Technology organized an event for IT Department Faculty members to get familiar to ‘Edhitch: A Blended Learning System’. The demo on Edhitch is given by Ms. Sandhya Bondriya who is an author, technologist and formerly an IES Officer. She is a graduate from class of 2013 of Stanford University Graduate School of Business in Management. Prior to Stanford, she worked as Director (Engineering) at All India Radio. Edhitch is her digitalization initiative in the field of education. Edhitch is a teacher-centered platform for blended learning that connects teachers, administrators and students together with a common goal to enhanced learning and teaching experience. It emphasizes collaboration, discovery and sharing of resources, time saving from redundancy, and increased efficiency in teaching-learning process. Educators can create digital classes on Edhitch, where students get involved in social learning.

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A special session for F.E. girl students on woman safety management, ‘Swaraksha’ was organized by Internal Complaints/ Women’s Grievance Committee on 8th October 2016, Saturday in room no. 401 at 9.00 am. Capt. Sanjiivv Batish conducted the session ‘ I AM SAFE’ who has undertaken A Unique Safety Initiative in Women Safety. Principal Dr. L.K. Kshirsagar Sir, all First Year Engineering girl students, all ladies teachers and all Women’s Grievance Committee members were present for the session. Students gave very good response and session was interactive. While introducing safety management skills, Capt. Sanjiivv Batish covered following points in his presentation.

• Why women are at greater risk today?

• How Women relate to their safety needs • Framework of Safety Management

• Challenges in the context of Personal Safety • Safe Living is a Habit

• Being Aware & Mentally Alert – What does it means

• Safety Preparation & Preparation against threats

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