Guest Lecture on Multithreading, Exception Handling and Collection in JAVA

A guest lecture on the topic “Multithreading, Exception Handling and Collection Framework” was conducted on 29th March 2017, for SE, E&TC (Div.-I & II) students. Mr. Sachin Ravekar, Project Manager from, Synerzip, SofTech Pvt. Ltd., Pune conducted the lecture. He has been serving Synerzip since June 2011. He is a software professional with 17+ years of experience in all phases of software development life-cycle (SDLC). He possesses high level of knowledge and expertise with tiered J2EE architectures, MVC based web applications, object-oriented design (OOAD). He very well explained the concepts of Object Oriented Programming with simple and easy to understand real life examples. The topics Multithreading, Exception Handling and Collection Framework were covered in details. He explained the students the method for implementing multithreading and how to use the methods of thread class to perform certain operations. He also explained the concept of exception handling in java which is a powerful mechanism to handle the runtime errors so that normal flow of the application can be maintained. He also covered the topic collection framework which provides architecture to store and manipulate the group of objects. He explained that the JAVA collection framework can be used to perform operations such as searching, sorting, insertion, manipulation, deletion etc. on the data by using interfaces already provided by the collection framework. Mr. Sachin Raverkar is a project manager at Synerzip. He made students aware of the industry expectations and what kind of understanding the industry expects from students as fresher’s. He explained them the importance of punctuality and timely submission. Overall the lecture was a great learning experience for students.

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