Application Building Using IoT

An Add-on course on “Application building using Internet of Things” has been organized by Computer Engineering Department in association with Fizzible solutions pvt. ltd. The total duration of the course was 24 hours. The perspective of this course was to understand principle concepts, major issues, technologies and basic approaches in the area of IoT. Students have enthusiastically participated and completed one IoT based mini-project during the course.

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Trekking activity of Rajmachi Fort

As a part of plus plus activity, to deliver real life experience to students about trekking, on 11th Feb 2017 at 07.00 am trek was organized Mechanical Engineering Department. Students of SE, TE & BE Mechanical & Mechanical S/W have participated for trekking activity. The group of 33 students were led by Prof. D.P. Hujare, Prof. Ashish Pawar & Prof. Omkar Kaulgud along with Mrs. Sulbha Wale, Mr. D. D. Borkar and Akshay Patil as supporting Non-teaching Staff Members. The group reached Udhewadi ( Near Lonavala) at the base of Rajmachi Fort at 10.30 am and Trekking completed at 1.30 pm. The event concluded by Lunch provided at Udhewadi. Students showed remarkable team work and enthusiasm. The Group has reached back to college campus at 6:00 p.m.

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