Software Training on Edhitch: A Blended Learning System

Department of Information Technology organized an event for IT Department Faculty members to get familiar to ‘Edhitch: A Blended Learning System’. The demo on Edhitch is given by Ms. Sandhya Bondriya who is an author, technologist and formerly an IES Officer. She is a graduate from class of 2013 of Stanford University Graduate School of Business in Management. Prior to Stanford, she worked as Director (Engineering) at All India Radio. Edhitch is her digitalization initiative in the field of education. Edhitch is a teacher-centered platform for blended learning that connects teachers, administrators and students together with a common goal to enhanced learning and teaching experience. It emphasizes collaboration, discovery and sharing of resources, time saving from redundancy, and increased efficiency in teaching-learning process. Educators can create digital classes on Edhitch, where students get involved in social learning.

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