Industrial Visit

Department of information Technology has organized an Industrial Visit for Second Year Students to Mapro Foods Private Limited: Mapro Garden and Chocolate Plant, Mahabaleshwar on 23rd July 2016. Total 29 students along with 5 Faculty members visited the place. Students were introduced to the process of chocolate making. The aim behind this visit to chocolate plant is to understand the automation process, and how it could be improved further using latest technology.



One day seminar on ‘Graphology Awareness’

One day seminar was organized by Department of E&TC on ‘Graphology Awareness’ by Mr. Sandip Arsude, International Institute of Graphology, Kothrud, Pune. Topics discussed in the workshop are what is graphology? Graphology is the analysis of the physical characteristics and patterns of handwriting,which leads to identify the writer, indicate psychological state at the time of writing, or evaluate personality characteristics. In this workshop various points are discussed like how to make use of margins of the paper, how your signature should be, how we can change the personality of a person by making small changes in our handwriting? Finally the team of workshop has analyzed the handwriting of all the students and staff.





Expert lecture on Magnetostatics

The expert lecture was delivered by Dr. Y Ravinder, Professor & Head, Dept. of Electronics & Telecommunication, PICT, Pune on Friday, 22 July 2016 in Department of E&TC. The lecture was organized for the students of third year. The lecture covered the basic concepts of Electrostatics and Magnetostatics and the physical interpretation of the same. This 2 hrs lecture helped the students to actually interpret the meaning of the mathematical expressions and made the subject interesting.