Affinity ’16

The events on first day of Affinity ’16 were carried out with immense amount of enthusiasm and were a great success. A brief overview of the 4 events are given below. Scrapheap Challenge had a total of 10 teams, this year the theme for the challenge was to make a track from plastic waste so that a small rubber ball could go through that track without stopping anywhere, the team to complete this along with achieving maximum residence time won. Prof. Saket Yeolekar from ENTC department, who has been a part of this event and a contributor to the theme, was the judge for the event. Quizomania had 3 rounds, Dr. Jayant Gadgil, who is a skilled research scholar with post doctorate in polymer science, was the judge for this event. The first round was a generalized chemistry based MCQ test with 40 MCQs which had to be answered within 30mins. The second round, where 5 out of the 9 participating teams qualified, was a rapid fire round, where the teams answering maximum number of questions within one minute were selected. The final round was a buzzer round where 3 teams competed, 10 questions were asked, the team that pressed the buzzer the quickest and answered maximum questions won. Induce was divided into 2 rounds called 3MT, 3 Minute Thesis followed by a group discussion. 3MT was basically a 3 minute thesis where participants were asked to present their novel ideas within 3mins. The second round that is Group Discussion went on for over 45mins with participants brainstorming and expressing their views on a topic given on the spot. Induce had a total of ten teams participating.



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