Autodesk Fusion 360 Training

Fusion 360TM is the first 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE tool of its kind. It connects your entire product development process in a single cloud-based platform that works on both Mac and PC. Fusion is that step to getting to another place. It’s about making your ideas come to fruition faster. The software training for Auto desk Fusion 360 by Auto desk Bangalore was organized by Mechanical Engineering Department for SE mechanical students and faculty members on 26-March-2016. The training will include Pre design, Design and Introduction to Mechanical Analysis. Also Free software Licences will be provided to students. The trainer gave a brief lecture on introduction and application of Auto desk Fusion 360. Two tutorials performed for hands on experience.The students found this training quite useful, also they will get authorized lenience of this software after training.

Affinity and confluence 2016

Affinity and confluence 2016 was hosted by the Polymer Engineering department of Maharashtra Institute of Technology. The function started with the prayer followed by a welcome speech by the head of Polymer Students Association Mr. Aditya Sarkar. Introductory addresses were done by Dr. K.D.Patil, Head of the Department, Dr Radhakrishnan, Director of Research Development and Innovation,MIT, and Dr. L.K. Kshirsagar, Principal,MIT. Dr. L.K. Kshirsagar then felicitated Mr. Unmesh Nayak (Senior Vice President, Reliance Industries), Mr. Rahul Chivate (General Manager, APPL GOR India Pvt ltd) and Mr. Anil George (President (Corporate Affairs) and CFO at Voltas Limited). This was followed by the felicitation of the star Alumni Mr. Hemant Minocha, Mr. Hitendra Saundankar, Mr. Abhijit Sarkar, Mr. Ranjeet Jadhav, Mr. Abhijeet Jail, Mr. Sachin Jain and Mr.Vishal Kadakia. TheAlumni then addressed the audience about the scope and importance of the Plastics Engineering field. Our guests for the evening Mr. Unmesh Nayak , Mr. Rahul Chivate and Mr. Anil George gave brief presentations and addressed the audience about their respective companies, industrial aspect and potential that plastics hold in the future. The non-teaching staffs were then felicitated by Dr. L. K. Kshirsagar, Principal,MIT. Final year student Mr. Abhijit Yelve presented a radium art show and Mr.Kushal Jaju performed a few songs on a piano. The inauguration concluded with the vote of thanks given by Mr. Kaustubh Islampure, the head of the Polymer Students Association.

Affinity ’16

The events on first day of Affinity ’16 were carried out with immense amount of enthusiasm and were a great success. A brief overview of the 4 events are given below. Scrapheap Challenge had a total of 10 teams, this year the theme for the challenge was to make a track from plastic waste so that a small rubber ball could go through that track without stopping anywhere, the team to complete this along with achieving maximum residence time won. Prof. Saket Yeolekar from ENTC department, who has been a part of this event and a contributor to the theme, was the judge for the event. Quizomania had 3 rounds, Dr. Jayant Gadgil, who is a skilled research scholar with post doctorate in polymer science, was the judge for this event. The first round was a generalized chemistry based MCQ test with 40 MCQs which had to be answered within 30mins. The second round, where 5 out of the 9 participating teams qualified, was a rapid fire round, where the teams answering maximum number of questions within one minute were selected. The final round was a buzzer round where 3 teams competed, 10 questions were asked, the team that pressed the buzzer the quickest and answered maximum questions won. Induce was divided into 2 rounds called 3MT, 3 Minute Thesis followed by a group discussion. 3MT was basically a 3 minute thesis where participants were asked to present their novel ideas within 3mins. The second round that is Group Discussion went on for over 45mins with participants brainstorming and expressing their views on a topic given on the spot. Induce had a total of ten teams participating.



Affinity and confluence 2016

Affinity and confluence 2016 was hosted by the Polymer Engineering department of Maharashtra Institute of Technology, with the general theme of Plastic waste management. The three day event started with the inaugural ceremony on 20th March with the agenda “Plastics and Environment”. The chief guest for the inaugural ceremony was Mr. Sameer Unhale, State Mission Director, Swachh Maharashtra Mission and the guest of honor was Mr. Atul Kanuga, member of Plast-India Environment Committee. The inaugural function started with the prayer followed by introductory addresses by Dr. K. D. Patil, Head of the Department, Dr Radhakrishnan, Director of Research Development and Innovation, MIT, and Dr. L.K. Kshirsagar, Principal, MIT. Chief Guest, Mr Sameer Unhale, the Director of the swachh Maharashtra Mission, part of the national Swacch Bharat Mission, addressed the audience with his vision of creating a garbage-free environment in 300 selected cities across the state. He also addressed the magnitude of the mission and stressed upon the importance of participation of the common man in making this vision a reality. Mr. Atul Kanuga took to the dais to address the audience about the misconceptions of the society regarding the use and disposal of plastic. His address also included the various ways in which plastic can be disposed off responsibly and thus preventing the need of a complete ban on plastic products. The next dignitary to speak was Mr. S.S. Dixit from Pyrocrat LLP., who gave a very informative presentation on the industrial aspect and potential of plastic waste management, displaying the process Pyrocrat adopts, to convert municipal waste into Diesel and oil. The novel pyrolisis process of the waste materials which has been scaled up by Pyrocrat to a fully functional industrial plant was described in a video. The inauguration concluded with the vote of thanks given by Mr. Aditya Sarkar, the head of the Polymer Students Association. The event venue also hosted the display of products of companies such as Pyrocrat, Jagruti Industries, Tet Plastic Traders and Alfaruki Traders and Samruddhi Plastics.




Trek to Fort Purandar

A trek on Purandar fort was organized by Department of Electronics and Telecommunication for S.E E&TC I & II students on 4th February 2016 from 7 am to 6:30 pm. Nine staff members accompanied 94 students for the trek. Purandar Fort figures repeatedly in the rising of Shivaji against the Adil Shahi Bijapur Sultanate and the Mughals. Fort Purandhar stands 4,472 ft. above the sea in the Western Ghats, 50 km southeast of Pune ahead of Saswad village. The village Purandar takes its name from this fort. Purandar fort is also known for birthplace of Sambhaji Raje Bhosale son of Chhatrapati Shivajiraje Bhosale. It was an overall fun activity thoroughly enjoyed by students and staff.

One Day Trek to Shivneri by Polymer Department

One Day Trek to Shivneri was organized by Polymer Department on 4th Feb-2016 at 8:30 am for SE,TE and BE students.

Shivneri Fort is a historic military fortification located near Junnar. Shivneri, a birth place of Chhatrapati Shivaji (1630), is located at a distance of around 3 km from Junnar (125 km from Pune). Trekking in Shivneri fort is more of a leisurely walk through the seven gates, and gardens to the ‘Shiv Janmasthal’ with a few rock patches

Industrial visit by Polymer Dept.

Industrial visit is organized to Renata Precision Components Pvt. Ltd. It is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high precision plastic and metal components. As a manufacturer and supplier of critical products, they take care of every aspect of production, designing and manufacturing molds and dies, manufacturing plastic molded components by injection molding all under one roof. Be it an automobile, a safety device, an electrical/electronic product or medical equipment – the big product is only as good as the small parts it is built from. The goal of the visit is to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge and to strengthen the industry-academia relations.

Introduction to GPGPU and CUDA

Add-on course on ‘Introduction to GPGPU and CUDA’ was jointly organized by Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department and Computer Department of MAEER’s MIT College. The course was scheduled on four days: Sat 13/2/2016, Sun 14/3/2016, Sat 05/03/16 and Sun 06/03/16 from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. The course contents were delivered by Mr. Kaustubh Hiwarekar of Sinhagad College of Engineering and Mr. Sumit Harale of Indira College of Engineering and Management. The course was attended by about 30 students of E&Tc and Computer Engineering. The syllabus covered in these four days is attached herewith. Course was organized by Prof. Mrs. Savita Kulkarni, Prof. Mrs. Anuradha Phadke of E&Tc Department and Prof. Vandana Jagtap of Computer department.

Industrial visit- Polymer Department

An industrial visit was organized for the final year students of Polymer Engineering on Saturday, 12th of March, 2016 to two units of Kalpana Glass Fibre Pvt. Ltd., (Unit 1 and 2) Sasewadi and Prescient Colors, Pirangut. Prof (Dr) M. B. Kulkarni, Prof (Mrs) Deepti Marathe, Prof (Ms) Yutika Badhe and Shri Anna Patil accompanied the students to these plants. At the first unit of, Kalpana Glass Fibre Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Phadke (co-owner) gave the students an insight about the varied range of Fibre reinforced products that they manufacture for Indian as well as German and American companies and encouraged them to pursue entrepreneurship. The unit 2 contains thermoforming machines where they fabricate parts for major oil companies in India and Mr. Mehta(Owner), gave the students a detailed explanation about their functioning and products. The students took keen interest in composite processing and thermoforming as it is a major part of their curriculum. After stopping for a sumptuous meal, we proceeded to Prescient Color Ltd, a subsidiary of Sudarshan Chemicals, which mainly focuses on compounding color masterbatches for commodity, enginnering and other specialty polymers. Their Production Manager, Mr. Ratan Shetty and a few of our alumni, who now work there, gladly showed the students their numerous extrusion systems and yarn spinning machines, along with color matching and weaving units. We headed after a brief lecture session and refreshments by Prescient Color Ltd.